SECRID Premium Miniwallet / Dusk Black


Small in size and surprisingly large in storage capacity, the Miniwallet combines the best of both worlds. Small in size and surprisingly large in storage capacity, the Miniwallet combines the best of both worlds.

Italian leather tanned with plant-based dyes for a timeless design. Deep, rich colours provide a premium interpretation of Secrid's original wallet.

Secrid’s Dusk leather wallets are tanned by Tuscan leather artisans. La Bretagna, a family-owned business, is a pioneer in the sustainable production of vegetable-tanned leather. The remarkably deep colours and subtle shine on the Dusk are the effect of this vegetable tanning process. 

First metal lever
The eye-catching metal lever is made from durable stainless-steel metal and especially crafted for this collection. It is the next evolutionary step for the patented Secrid mechanism. The metal lever also magnifies the iconic Secrid click as your cards are revealed.

4 embossed or 6 flat cards
4 extra cards
Business cards

Cow Leather

The leather chosen for Secrid wallets does not require any regular maintenance.
The vegetable-tanned leather uses natural tannins that are extracted from vegetable origins to ensure that the leather ages with character. Showing signs of usage is normal and part of the aging process; a process which creates a soft sheen on the leather and deepens the colour over time. 
If your wallet does get dirty or wet, there are several steps you may want to take to ensure the leather’s look and feel.

Water absorbing leather
Since these leathers are prone to absorbing water, we recommend not trying to clean them. Any water or moisture used in this process would be absorbed by the wallet and may change its colour further. If you do get caught in typically Dutch weather and your wallet gets wet, best use a soft cloth to carefully pat it dry.

Product Code

Colour No.
Dusk Black

Made in Holland and Italy.

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