A local boutique curating select brands of men’s clothing, for the exceptional to everyday life.

Proudly Canadian since 1981.

At Churchills Crossings one should never have to sacrifice style for quality. As clothing enthusiasts we research, select and curate the bands we carry and the pieces of the collection there within. Our philosophy is an inside out approach to menswear where the style of the piece is characteristic of its fabrication. The collections we pursue embrace design, fabrication and value.

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Our Collections are cohesive and full. They revolve around the occasions in a man’s life he is proud to dress with style. Not because he has to, but because he wants to.

Style extends beyond necessity. It is apart of who people are and who they strive to be. Everyone can appreciate when your clothing says something about yourself. Our customers are as diverse as the spectrum of our collections. No matter your need, we have you covered!

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Style Embraces All Occasions

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Our Brands Shape Our Store.

We are obsessed with collections that pay a nod to tradition whilst reinventing menswear.

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25 Years Of Custom Tailoring Experience

Our Custom Tailored program allows anyone to create the look of their dreams with a focus on sourcing Canadian Made garments. With custom becoming a growing feature in most suit houses, at Churchills Crossings we find you value in working with leading Canadian Made suit manufactures who source their cloth from the top mills around the world. Whether a customer struggles to find their size or wants something out of the ordinary, we embrace our most discerning customers as a privilege.


In Custom We Trust

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