Medallion Print Fine Twill Contemporary Fit Shirt / Multi-Colour

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Lightweight, and superior in quality — this shirt makes the finest moments even finer. To secure a superior quality, Eton makes the shirt with extra-long-staple cotton. Think of the floral print as a bonus: because it is indeed possible to make the finest of shirts unique.

Fabric Specs

Staple Cotton

Made with extra-long-staple cotton (also called ELS) – superior quality fibers from the cotton plant, characterized by optimal durability, luster, and softness. The prerequisite for a shirt that is all of those things. As the industry standard for ELS fiber length is a minimum of 1-3/8" or 34.925 mm, only 3% of the total annual cotton harvest would qualify for making this shirt.

    Fine Twill

    Contemporary Fit



    Single Mitred Convertible Cuff

    A sophisticated fabric for a luxurious shirt
    Complex but subtle geometric patterns
    Tone-on-tone buttons and piping
    Wrinkle-free, easy care

    100% Cotton


    Product No.

    Colour No.

    01 Multi

    Made in Europe.
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