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Sequences Without Barriers

Dedicated to an unobstructed floor plan The store became an interior series of moments that captured the historical DNA of the old store’s footprint and broke them down as sequential moments of discovery. Upon entering the store you have an immediate overall reading that gets enriched as you move linearly through the intervals.



The Material Palette

The Material Palette calls upon materials that are both basic and precious. The use of familiar to engage people where the “productive participation involves appropriation and re-appropriation of the familiar”. Using base familiar materials to engage this productive participation while allowing the precious materials to elevate that of the base.



The Collar Lounge

Among the many collections of casual wear we carry, our true roots stem from suiting. The clothing area holds the change rooms and shirt wall which are coded by colour. A deep blue lines the walls and floor in three different mediums as an anchor for the rear of the shop. The Shirt wall is divided by 5 verticals of bronze that holding a grid of shirts. The floating shirt collectively read as a colourful array of pixels.


The Delaminated Facade

The scheme delaminates the ordinary and reorganizes the facade as a delaminated system of steel and American Walnut.
As a rhetoric of typical suburban mall facades, the scheme adopts a facade that positions itself as an exterior itself along a city street. The Facade reinterprets a conventional glazed facade with repeating bays. The bays shift as your eye moves up the storefront as both the lines and thickness alternate.



The Floor

The Floor relies on textured surfaces. The light grey terrazzo serves as a mat of grey that is split by a central plane of tightly woven pattern of herringbone wood. The two materials are negotiated with a bronze strip that recounts the details of the display fixtures.


The Light Portal

Depth becomes a playful tool where the expansive window display is offset by a cage of the perforated bronze backlit portal. Customers are funneled through a deep light portal, the depth of the display window. The inversion of precious and base is found in the custom wood facade. The unfinished plywood edge of the frames are light in colour and dotted with their natural knots yet lined with the luxurious raw American Walnut.


A Deconstructed Suit

The fitting rooms were designed as a deconstructed suit using materials found in menswear classics. Tufted dividers and rolling curtains use a danish wool while the back walls of each room transform a Glencheck cloth into a wall covering.

The linearity of the space is broken by a 3 sided wrapper of wood and perforated metal.