Slim Fit Paisley Cotton-Tencel Twill Shirt / Light Blue

Size EU37 / 14.5 US
Size EU38 / 15.0 US
Size EU46 / 18.0 US
Size EU47 / 18.5 US
Size EU39 / 15.5 US
Size EU41 / 16.0 US
Size EU42 / 16.5 US
Size EU43 / 17.0 US
Size EU44 / 17.5 US

High-end quality cotton, woven with silky Tencel. Made with cellulose, wood fibers, from bio-forest in an almost completely closed loop system, this super soft, breathable yarn is not only one of the most comfortable choices possible, it makes for a shirt that drapes beautifully.

• Extra soft, extra comfortable
• Smart, beautiful drapability
• Made with 30% or more Tencel, made from bio forest
• Wrinkle free, easy care

Fabric Specs

Extra Soft
Extra Comfortable Twill

Wide Spread

Single, Rounded

Made with 30% or more Tencel, from the bio forest
60% Cotton
40% Tencel

Product No.

Colour No.
25 Light Blue

Made in Europe.