Scandinavian Paisley Print Shirt Contempoary / Red


Fabric Specs

A re-interpretation of paisley adds a playful touch to a relaxed business style. Featured in a versatile color palette inspired by Scandinavian wildlife with unexpected details elegantly incorporated in the design. The elegance and functionality of Eton’s Signature Twill Shirts create an impeccable look that stays crease-free 24/7.

Staple Cotton
Made with extra-long-staple cotton (so-called ELS) – superior quality fibers from the cotton plant, characterized by optimal durability, luster, and softness. The prerequisite for a shirt that is all of those things. As the industry standard for ELS fiber length is a minimum of 1-3/8" or 34.925 mm, only 3% of the total annual cotton harvest would qualify for making this shirt.

  • Wrinkle-free, easy care
  • Perfect with a classic or slim tie
  • Wear it with or without a tie

Signature Twill


Cut Away

Single Cuff

100% Cotton

Product No.

Colour No.

55 Red

Made in Europe.