Wide Spread Collar Linen Twill Shirt / Brown

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Fabric Specs

The classic twill weave, woven on the diagonal, gives the linen a luxurious feel and rich texture — that is also cooling and comfortable.

A luxe, heavy linen fabric with all the benefits of a twill — woven on the diagonal, drapes beautifully – and the flax from which it is made. For elegant casual and business casual shirts that stay comfortable in warm weather due to linen's natural ability to increase airflow and keep you cool. Among our most richly textured fabrics, and so rich and heavy, it is suitable for cooler weather as well as summer days.

    Fine Diagonal Twill
    Naturally Cooling


    Wide Spread

    Single Rounded Cuff

    100% Linen

    Product No.

    Colour No.

    38 Brown

    Made in Europe.