Slim Fit Geometric Print Signature Twill / Purple

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Signature Twill
An Eton icon with a distinct diagonal texture and perfectly balanced luster level. Woven in two-ply yarn spun from extra-long-staple cotton.

Designed, constructed, and perfected over almost two decades, the Signature Twill shirt truly is an Eton icon. The fabric's distinct diagonal structure is woven from two-ply yarn spun from extra-long-staple cotton — meaning that we make this shirt from some of the longest, most robust, and elegant cotton fibers in the world. Only the top 2%-3% of the global harvest qualifies and has that rare, perfect balance between suppleness, structure, and luster. Signature Twill is an ideal match for our Signature Finish, for wrinkle-free shirts that remain sharp throughout the day or night.

The most versatile shirt for any occasion – from business to evening wear. Perfected by Eton over several decades, it gives you a flattering, impeccable look whether you’re off to a business meeting or a formal event. The color stays bright wash after wash, while the wrinkle-free feature ensures you look sharp 24/7.

Staple Cotton
Made with extra-long-staple cotton (also called ELS) – superior quality fibers from the cotton plant, characterized by optimal durability, luster, and softness. The prerequisite for a shirt that is all of those things. As the industry standard for ELS fiber length is a minimum of 1-3/8" or 34.925 mm, only 3% of the total annual cotton harvest would qualify for making this shirt.

Signature Twill


Extreme Cut Away

Single Mitered Cuff

Eton's most iconic fabric 
Perfectly balanced luster and texture

Perfect with a classic or slim tie
Wrinkle-free, easy care

100% Cotton


Product Code

Colour No.
73 Purple

Made in Europe.