Herringbone Slim Fit Signature Twill Shirt / Navy Blue

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Signature Twill
An Eton icon with a distinct diagonal texture and perfectly balanced luster level. Woven in two-ply yarn spun from extra long staple cotton.

Designed, constructed, and perfected over almost two decades, the Signature Twill shirt truly is an Eton icon. The fabric's distinct diagonal structure is woven from two-ply yarn spun from extra-long staple cotton — meaning that we make this shirt from some of the longest, most robust, and elegant cotton fibers in the world. Only the top 2%-3% of the global harvest qualifies and has that rare, perfect balance between suppleness, structure, and luster. Signature Twill is an ideal match for our Signature Finish, for wrinkle-free shirts that remain sharp throughout the day or night.

• Eton's most iconic fabric
• Perfectly balanced luster, and texture,
• Wrinkle-free, easy care

Eton's popular Signature Twill in certified organic cotton. The herringbone ground provides the shirt with extra texture, resulting in an extremely timeless and elegant style. Equipped with tone-on-tone buttons.

-Signature Twill
-Organic cotton
-More sustainable: made with 95% certified organic cotton
-Tone-on-tone buttons

Signature Twill

Slim Fit


Extreme Cut Away

Single Mitred Convertible Cuff

100% Cotton
95% Certified Organic Cotton


Product No.

Colour No.

27 Navy Blue

Made in Europe