Floral Print Contemporary Fit Flannel Shirt / Navy Blue

Size EU38 / 15.0 US
Size EU39 / 15.5 US
Size EU41 / 16.0 US
Size EU42 / 16.5 US
Size EU43 / 17.0 US
Size EU44 / 17.5 US
Size EU46 / 18.0 US
Size EU47 / 18.5 US
Size EU48 / 19.0 US
The classic flannel made in the Eton way. Woven from mercerized mélange cotton yarns, our flannel is light and elegant, with a softly brushed finish.

A refined flannel shirt made to last. Once, flannel was a wool fabric only. Today we select the finest cotton fibers to create a warming but refined flannel. The softness of wool, the effect of cotton: light, breathable, elegant. Woven with mercerized mélange yarns gives the shirt extra softness and luster and a certain rustic visual effect. Brushed for that distinctive flannel feel.

• Soft and comfortable
• Soft-brushed
• Effortlessly elegant
• Garment-washed for extra softness

Flannel Melange

Regular Fit


Cut Away

Single Rounded Adjustable Cuff

A sophisticated fabric for a luxurious shirt
Complex but subtle geometric patterns
Contrast buttons
Wrinkle-free, easy care

60% Cotton
40% Tencel


Product Code

Colour No.
29 Navy Blue

Made in Europe.