The secret to great style is buying less but choosing well.

Our History

Ernie became co-founder and owner of Churchills. Their first location breaking ground in Wellington Square in London, Ontario in 1978. 3 years later Ernie brought his style acumen to Oshawa. In 1981 Ernie opened his shop in Oshawa, Ontario with the moniker Churchills Crossings and has remained in its location ever since.

We are a proudly Canadian company while being in the same location for 38 years serving our local community as a high-end men’s clothing specialty shop.

What We Do

Our individual and joint passion for menswear drives our personal approach to service. The service we provide is the guiding principle of our company since Ernie Neufeld first opened our doors. We take on the role as clothing advisors with the duty to assist and guide men towards the clothing that represent who they are. We aim to ensure that any gentleman is confident and is properly attired for every circumstance and occasion.

We build relationships, a bond with each client. Your associate acts as your personal shopper, keeping a file of your preferences and your needs. He or she can send you pictures of new arrivals, arrange private shopping appointments and assemble selections from which you can choose. Essentially, we want to make shopping easier and tailored to your needs, no matter how often you shop with us.

Our Pillars

First and foremost we consider ourselves a tailor shop of multi-brand collections. Our store has 4 pillars in which our company is built on ,however above all we believe in the the ideology of the Modern Day Gentlemen. As gentlemen/gentlewomen we are always happy to serve, and do our best to never refuse an opportunity to assist. As a team we search for the top garments in formal wear, sportswear, suits, sports jackets, parkas and even denim. No matter our clients needs we strive to dress each of our customers appropriately for the occasion.


“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist”

Suiting is based on traditions. Understanding traditions give us a solid foundation to not only acknowledge changing trends but tailor them.


Diverse Customers
Our exposure to our growing and diverse community has helped refine our approach to our customers. We value our loyal customers who have been apart of the Churchillls Crossings family all these years. However we are always looking to fill the needs of even the most discerning customer in the hopes to build new relationships.


Our collections all represent a balance between fabrication and price. We take a great deal of scrutiny with our collections to bring you clothing that is of the highest quality and design.


We offer you a service unparalleled elsewhere. These include Complimentary Alterations on regularly priced merchandise, a generous Return Policy, and Wardrobe Consultation, all designed to make you look and feel your best.